A Test of Our Endurance

This week the government extended their Enhanced Community Quarantine to the end of the month of April. Even then, government leaders are warning the public of a so-called “new normal”. In other words, things will be never be the same until coronavirus is completely eradicated. The government’s decision is partly due to the fact that the number of positive cases continue to rise.

In my observation, the increasing number of positive cases is due to the fact that many Filipinos are not cooperating and participating in the measures imposed by our leaders. Some are just plain stubborn, not knowing that they impatient behaviors help prolong everyone’s suffering.

As I mentioned in the sermon “Blessed Are Those Who Endure”, endurance will be a test characteristic of the end-time. As the coming of the Lord draws ever closer, more and more problems and untoward incidents will arise, either brought about man’s own sins, or natural calamities like those predicted in the Scripture. These things will bring out both the worst and the best in all of us. Hopefully, these circumstances will produce patience in those who have genuine faith. (James 1.2)

The extending of the ECQ to the end of this month means that we will all have to bear with the situation, for our own sakes. Things may never be the same again after this. But God remains who He is, faithful and gracious. And with His help, we can endure the test, and be victorious in the end. Jesus said, he who endures to the end will be saved. I believer I am, and so I will.

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"Blessed Are Those Who Endure To The End" by Pastor Jonathan Togonon, Wednesday ServiceApril 15, 2020.

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Posted by New Life Harvest Endtime Ministry on Wednesday, April 15, 2020
“Blessed Are Those Who Endure” , Wednesday Service, April 15, 2020

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