Book Reading: The Real Face of Atheism, by Ravi Zacharias

Last night we started book reading to add variety to our family hour activities. I happened to see this book “The Real Face of Atheism” by prominent apologist Ravi Zacharias, and I thought it would be a good thing to explore the how’s and why’s of the atheist mind.

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Satan’s attack against God has been going on for centuries, and this book gives the reader a sweeping glimpse into how the enemy of God raised up his philosophers and ideologists to murder God in the minds of the masses. But the result is more that they had anticipated, because the loss of God is ultimately man’s loss.

Our journey into this book is just beginning. If you could, why don’t you read with us? Then you can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Here’s one quote from chapter 1 that I really liked:

To believe in the nonexistence of God would be analogous to waking up some morning, looking in the mirror, and seeing nothing. With no reflection, no perception, no idea whatsoever of the self, there would be nothing to conform to, and nothing to modify.

– G. K. Chesterson, Philosopher

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